Weekly reports

Week 28: 4/25 - 5/1 (Innovation Expo)

Senior Design

  • Worked on final touches before the expo

  • Tested feasibility of final product

    • Incorrect movement caused two pieces to break, repaired quickly

  • Took videos of exoskeleton in action

  • Slideshow created for expo

Week 27: 4/18 - 4/24

Senior Design

  • Second PCB for lower body finished

    • Electronics for MKII complete

  • Started printing final components

  • Refined final iteration of code

Senior Innovation

  • Completed Business Plan

Week 27: 4/18 - 4/24

Senior Design

  • Worked on assembling legs

  • Upgraded arms

    • Wrist mounts designed and fabricated that mold and provide better fit to model

  • Final PCB for upper body finished

    • Tested against both batteries

    • Missed grounding wire

      • After soldering in quick, circuit worked perfectly

Senior Innovation

  • Pitch Competition

Week 26: 4/11 - 4/17

Senior Design

  • Worked on assembling legs

  • Upgraded arms

    • Wrist mounts designed and fabricated that mold and provide better fit to model

  • Final PCB for upper body finished

    • Tested against both batteries

    • Missed grounding wire

      • After soldering in quick, circuit worked perfectly

Senior Innovation

  • Pitch Competition

Week 25: 4/4 - 4/10

Senior Design

  • Most of upper body assembled on MKII

  • Started printing parts for legs

    • Went to machine shop to work on metal parts

  • Started work on PCB for upper body

    • Materials taken home to be completed by next meeting

  • Added proper connectors for linear actuators

Senior Innovation

  • Gave practice pitch for pitch competition

  • Refining presentation

Week 24: 3/28 - 4/3

Senior Design

  • Assembled most of MKII

    • Test the fit of exoskeleton against model (Nick)

    • Discussed placement of padding for maximum comfort

  • MKI Circuit

    • Reworked power delivery to MyoWear sensor to reduce signal noise

    • Final design of circuit nearing completion, ready for 4 duplicate circuits to be fabricated to control each of the 4 linear actuators.

Week 23: 3/21 - 3/27

Senior Design

  • Continuing to print MKII components

  • Completed the modifications for the MKI PCB

    • Attached MyoWare sensor to the board

    • Ran into problem with split power supplies

      • Even though power supplies were almost completely separate in component control, the grounds for both needed to be connected as the relays were getting power from different sources

    • Ran into additional problem when using AC/DC wall unit for relay control as the rectification was not reliable enough

      • MyoWare sensor values were not consistent enough for use

        • Fixed by using the 12V battery as the main power source

        • Relays ran with the biggest success rate so far

  • Tested MKI with a one-arm pull-up

    • Took some time finding proper doorway to house pull-up bar

    • MyoWare sensor stopped getting readings after second attempt

      • Believed to be misplacement of pads and damaged connectors

  • Next week will switch power input on Arduino and MyoWare to attempt to get more reliable readings

Week 22: 3/14 - 3/20

Senior Design

  • Continuing to print MKII components

    • One arm joint is assembled, working on shoulder

  • Acquired a larger battery to power the relays

    • Started reformatting board to accommodate for changes

    • Using two different power supplies

      • 12V Battery to control Arduino, relay triggers, MyoWare sensor

      • Large Battery to control mechanics of relays

  • Went to machine shop to cut more parts

Senior Innovation

  • Finished Lean Canvas and Elevator Pitch Outline

Week 21: 3/7 - 3/13

Senior Design

  • Continuing to print MKII components

  • Spent time repairing MKI PCB

    • Soldered new board that enables easier access to components

    • Broke a MyoWare sensor on accident when soldered to wrong power source

    • Ran into problem with board not getting power

      • AC/DC wall unit wasn't producing a clean flow of power

      • Connected circuit to battery which fixed the problem

    • Attached input jack onto MyoWare sensor to allow to easier use of sensor

Senior Innovation

  • Completed Business Model

Week 20: 2/28 - 3/6

Senior Design

  • Continuing to print MKII components

  • Continuing designing and fabrication of electronics

  • First assembly of Mjolnir MKII arm

    • Testing hinge mechanism of the arm

Week 19: 2/21 - 2/27

Senior Design

  • Continuing to print MKII components

  • Had components for MKII fabricated in the machine shop

  • Tested MKI

    • Would not turn on when plugged in

    • Voltage regulator broke again

    • Placed circuit onto breadboard with only relays on PCB for ease of access

Week 18: 2/14 - 2/20

Senior Design

  • Holiday - President's Day

    • Group wasn't able to meet in person

  • Continuing to print MKII components

  • Went to machine shop to cut some of the aluminum

Advisor Meeting

  • Gave update on progress over break

  • Adapted design based on advise given

Week 17: 2/07 - 2/13

Senior Design

  • Continuing to print MKII components

  • Brief in-person meeting discussing next steps

Senior Innovation

  • Updated Abstract

Week 16: 2/01 - 2/06

First Week of Spring Semester

  • Starting planning meetings for rest of semester

    • Decided on Mondays

  • Most of the team is able to get on campus at some point in the semester

  • Started printing components for MKII

Work Completed over Winter Break

  • CAD designed for MKII finished by Nick

Week 15: 12/06 - 12/12

Senior Innovation

  • Worked on Project Charter and Meeting Notes

  • Gave Project Presentation

Recorded and Submitted Presentation for L3Harris Grant

Gathered data sample for the Myoware sensor

Week 14: 11/29 - 12/05

Senior Innovation

  • Worked on Customer Driven Market Segmentation and project presentation


  • Wanted to add voltage regulator to Myoware sensor to see if we could get better output

    • Results the same with both power sources

  • Nano was not powering up when plugged in

    • Determined with multimeter that voltage regulator was shorted again

    • Replaced part, circuit working perfectly

    • Feasibility test completed that proved workability as MyoWare sensor allowed control over arm

Week 13: 11/22 - 11/28

Thanksgiving Break

General Discussion

  • Since completion of MKI is almost complete, we started discussing the implementation of MKII

    • Want a half body prototype of exoskeleton

      • Elbow, knee, shoulder (with 2 degrees of freedom)

Week 12: 11/15 - 11/21

Electronic Work

  • Took another look at Nano not getting enough power before trashing it

    • Discovered it was a grounding issue, fixed with a connection between grounds

  • Tried using electronics with Myoware sensor

    • Myoware sensor values not as accurate as they were in the first test

    • Tested both sensors but could not get accurate readings


  • Discussed extended finances for MKII

  • Looking to achieve the L3Harris Grant

Week 11: 11/08 - 11/14

Electronic Work

  • Had problems with prototype

    • Relays weren't activating even though they were getting the correct amount of voltage

    • Found the problem with the voltage regulator

      • took broken one out and re-soldered board and was up and working again

  • Started testing with MyoWare sensor but we were also having problem with the readings we were getting

    • after checking connections several times, deemed problem to be fried hardware

    • next week, going to try with different sensor

Senior Innovation

  • Improved upon elevator pitch

Advisor Meeting

  • Discussed further use of MyoWare sensors and the start of the second prototype, integrating the shoulder

Week 10: 11/01 - 11/07

Senior Innovation

  • Worked on Elevator pitch

  • Researched competing patents

Electronic Work

  • Busy week for all so we discussed game plan for next week

Week 9: 10/25 - 10/31

Senior Innovation

  • Addressed the difference between invention and innovation and where our project stands within the two scopes

Electronic Work

  • Switched from N-mos transistors to BJTs

  • designed a circuit to add pulse-width modulation to vary the speed of the linear actuator by controlling the 12 V rail

  • continued to solder components to perf-board

  • Began testing with Myoware sensor

    • obtained data for future use

  • Attached MKI to Nick's arm with velcro straps and safely removed it without injury

Week 8: 10/18 - 10/24

Senior Innovation

  • Started first week of IDE 401

  • Going to work on first assignment at next meeting

Advisor Meeting

  • Mainly catch-up on progress made and advice for moving forward

Electronic Work

  • Soldered some of the components to a perfboard

  • Obtained better cables and breadboards

  • Circuit worked perfectly

    • Problem was due to bad connection from old materials

Week 7: 10/11 - 10/17

  • Relays arrived

  • Worked on a flowchart to help facilitate the programming for the joint

Electronics Work

    • Finished assembling prototype bread board

    • Arduino Nano successfully regulated the relays however when plugged into the actuator, one of the relays kept switching out of control

    • Discovered that the Nano was not powerful enough to control the relays

    • N-type MOSFETs were added to alleviate the issue

      • Unfortunately, one MOSFET was broken and ended up frying the Nano

    • Tested new MOSFETs, making sure they are working properly

    • Attached a new Nano and MOSFETs

      • Reassembled the circuit and received consistent readings before the actuator was plugged in

      • However, when the actuator was plugged in, whether or not actuator would function as programmed was completely random

      • Speculating that this was due to poor connections as it was successful for short periods of time

    • Plan for next week is to solder the components to a perfboard and try again

Week 6: 10/04 - 10/10

  • Received most of the parts for the controlling circuit

  • Assembled prototype breadboard with parts on hand

  • Updated website

    • Created new logo and brand for the site

Week 5: 09/27 - 10/03

  • Mounted actuator to joint

  • Set future goals

  • Discussed the logistics of building a shoulder

  • Started ordering electronic system components based on the current design

  • Created Milestone 1

Week 4: 09/20 - 09/26

  • Added GitHub

  • First Advisor Meeting

  • Most parts for first design 3D printed and mounted

Week 3: 09/13 - 09/19

  • Found an Advisor

    • Raviraj Nataraj, Stevens BME Professor

Week 2: 09/06 - 09/12

  • Updated website

  • Reached out to prospective Advisors

    • Still in the process of searching

Week 1: 09/01 - 09/05

  • Assembled group

  • Implemented website