Mjolnir MKII

Elbow Hinge Joint

Arm Assembly [EXTENSION]

Initial assembly of Mjolnir MKII arm

arm assembly [flexion]

The hinge of the MKII is held in place through the counteracting forces within the structure of the arm

Medial and Lateral Rotation

The addition of the rotational cuff allows for multiple degrees of motion, enabling the user to bend and rotate their arm

Shoulder adduction and abduction

The shoulder joint adds to capability for the user to move their arm towards and away from their body

Completed torso assembly of MKII suit

Updated Control Circuit

This version was made to be simpler to modify and troubleshoot for improvements as opposed to the MKI

Finalized Control Circuit

Leg Development

Assembly of Legs Using 2"x1" Aluminum Extrusions and PLA+ Parts

Testing the Actuator on a Leg

Comparing the Range of Movement of the Leg with a Real Leg

Full Body Assembly

Below is the Full Assembly of the Mechanical Components of the Mjolnir MKII

Curl Test

Squat Test