Mjolnir MKI

Elbow Hinge Joint Development

First 3D printed part that fit on the aluminum extrusions, it featured bearings for a smooth rotation

Fastened the printed part to the aluminum

The second component for the elbow is printed, fastened, and aligned

Stainless steel rod is cut and inserted as the axle for the elbow

Checking the alignment of the elbow joint when assembled

Elbow cover component is 3D printed and mounted to ensure the axle stays in place, and functions as a degree of motion limiter

Checking alignment again with the elbow cover, and utilizing the degree of motion limitation

Connecting the Linear Actuator to function as the Muscle

3D printed parts to mount linear actuator and testing position to maintain degree of motion

Continuing to test actuator mounting positions at full extension

Mounted linear actuator at full contraction

Mounted actuator at full extension

Testing of the mounted linear actuator in motion

Building the control circuit

Breadboard Circuit

This circuit was able to take in 12V DC and control the direction of the linear actuator

ProtoBoard Circuit

The circuit was transferred to a protoboard

Testing circuit on loop

Testing circuit on loop with wearer

Testing and implimenting the muscle sensor

MyoWare sensor test

Controlling the circuit with the muscle sensor
Listen for the ticking of the relays

Controlling the arm with the sensor

Testing the arm with a 35 lb weight

Project Mjolnir Prototype Blooper