Milestone 1

Customers, Needs, Requirements, Needs-Requirements Mapping

Customers and Stakeholders

Target customers of this device include Physical Therapy and Recovery, Military, and Heavy Industry.

Physical Therapy: The Mjolnir series of exoskeletons can be used to aid in physical recovery for individuals who have suffered a loss of strength. Even with a small amount of tension can be detected and amplified to the suit; this will allow people in physical recovery to feel normal movement again as well as assist them in their day to day tasks during recovery.

Military: Modern day soldiers are required to carry more equipment on the battlefield than every before. According to Popular Mechanics; "An average Marine Corps infantry officer should to be physically able to carry 152 lbs. for nine miles. That load might sound extreme, but even official documents describe carrying a 100 lbs. as standard." We believe that a lightweight exoskeleton suit that could remove the burden of all this weight would be extremely desirable for the military.

Heavy Industry: Construction workers and factory workers often have to strain their bodies to perform their jobs. One of the key features of the Mjolnir exoskeleton suits is its self supporting frame. The suit redirects loads onto itself and away from the user to make otherwise strenuous situations much easier.

Needs-Requirements Mapping


  • Self-supporting

  • Lightweight

  • Responsive

  • Comfortable


  • Cost-effective

  • Safe for use

  • Comfortable

  • Easy to use


The Mjolnir exoskeleton suit must consist of a self supporting exoskeleton that can read, process, and actuate the desired movements of the individual. The suit must feel lightweight when worn and give the user a comfortable range of motion, not far from their natural range of motion. Responsiveness of the suit is important to make it as comfortable as possible as to not lag the users intended motion. The degrees of motion should be limited via physical and electrical failsafe's to ensure the user is safe at all times.


The project must be completed using the most cost effective method possible to be a competitive product and to stay within budget. By May of 2021, a full body suit that amplifies at least both elbows, both knees, both shoulder joints, and both hip joints is desired. This project must be continued through a COVID-19 environment and deliver several milestones along its development. Several resources on campus are available such as 3D printers, electronic testing equipment, a biomechanics lab, and the machining shop.