Meet The team

Angelo Cardinale

I'm Angelo Cardinale, a Computer Engineering Major, focusing on Hardware engineering, with an expected concentration in Power Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology. I've previously worked with Stevens ASME as the co-founder of the Stevens solar car team. In high-school I was the Co-Captain of the Staten Island Solar car team and completely re-wired and rebuilt a solar car which we then competed with on the Texas motor speedway earning 3rd place in the nation. I have a passion for Computer Hardware, Quality Assurance, and Electronic systems.

Dan Cooke

Hello, my name is Dan Cooke and I am a senior computer engineering major. My specialty is hardware design including PCB design, integrated circuit design, and FGPAs. I have done research under professor Feng into the hardware acceleration of algorithms using FPGAs and I am the grader for CPE-690: Introduction to VLSI Design. I plan on attending graduate school after graduating from Stevens to pursue either a masters or PhD in computer engineering with a focus on hardware design. In my free time I am and avid competitive gamer who once played semi-professionally and I play the electric bass guitar.

Sophia degregorio

Hello! My name is Sophia DeGregorio. I am an Electrical Engineering Major with a minor in Music & Technology. I have a background in robotics and repairing audio equipment. My past projects include a building a sound integrated light keyboard, a guitar and I am currently working on a MIDI guitar. I spend my free time playing games with friends, playing guitar and finding new projects!

Nicholas Dodd

Hi, I'm Nicholas Dodd, a Computer Engineering Major with a Minor in Engineering Management. I enjoy designing and creating all things Electrical and Computer related, and I also have background in mechanical design and fabrication. I am a 3D printing enthusiast and love to work with my hands. Some of my past projects include a handheld portable game console called the "Nicktendo Switch", a motorized sink for my dorm room, and restoring a 1970 Boss 302 Mustang. My hobbies include videogames, building things, Nintendo, Marvel, Star wars, and cars.

peter Ho

My name is Peter Ho, and I am a Computer Engineering major. Some projects I've done are the AutoAdvisor website for the ECE department, an autograder for C++ coding assignments, and work on various open-source tools.


Dr. Raviraj Nataraj's research specializes in the development of control systems for better integration between users with movement dysfunction and their assistive devices. Virtual reality environments are used to train and better fit persons with spinal cord injury, stroke, or amputation to devices providing restorative function. Devices include sensorimotor prostheses and powered exoskeletons.

Consultant (tentative)