Project Mjolnir

What is Project Mjolnir?

Thirty-one percent of occupational injuries in the United States in 2019 were from overexertion of the body. These are predominantly in heavy labor occupations and physical therapy is often needed to heal injuries obtained. Physical therapy can take a substantial amount of time to complete that both costs time and money to the worker and their employer. Project Mjolnir is a power-assist exoskeleton that can be used to both prevent these injuries and speed up physical therapy recovery time. Our project augments the strength of a user’s actions through a system of linear actuators controlled by the tension in the user's muscles. Most exoskeleton systems use a spring based mechanical system to support the user, while Project Mjolnir’s actuators provide strength to the user's actions in addition to the required support. This extra strength factor helps to prevent injuries in the workplace by reducing the stress on its users. Similarly, it is helpful in allowing weakened individuals to be able to accomplish tasks they were physically unable to perform alone.